Preschool’s Community Visit 2016

Preschool’s Community Visit 2016 The SDV preschoolers met different community helpers at the Evia Lifestyle Center. They made donuts at Krispy Kreme and pizza at Shakey’s just like little chefs; they became little artists at the art workshop, clay and blocks play at All Toys, with a tea party treat; they visited the dentists and learned how to take care of their teeth at Tooth town and they learned what hairdressers do at Sir George Salon, with special shampoo, hair dryer and curls treat 🙂 • Shakey’s Evia – Little Chefs (pizza making) • Krispy Kreme Evia Lifestyle Center – Little Bakers (donut decorating) • All Toys Evia Vista Mall – Little Architects & Engineers (Play-Doh & Lego), Little Artists (art activity), Little Waiters/Waitresses (tea party) • Sir.George Salon Black – Little Hairdressers (shampoo & hair styling) • TOOTH TOWN Dental – Little Dentists Photo by Mark Aiven Photography – MAP #scholadevita #evia #preschool #laspinas




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